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Domaine du Vallage

Paired with our Sparkling White - First Things First
Produced in Burgundy, France. This is made in the style of the famous Saint-André. We think it is so much better, though. It is buttery and sweet with a nice tang, especially when semi aged. This is technically a triple cream cheese with a minimum of 75% fat content.

Fleur Verte

Paired with our Rosé of Syrah
Produced in Perigord France, this “green flower” is coated in a selection of thyme, tarragon and pink peppercorns. The freshness of this cheese is what makes it so special. It is mild and tangy, with a flavor that enhances the fruit in white wines or rosé.


Paired with our Roussanne
Some call this the king of Gruyère, but don’t tell the Swiss! Made in the Rhone Alps of France. It comes in a fat 100lb wheel. Some are aged for multiple years, while others are made in the summer for quick consumption, as it is the case with the cheese selected with the Sosie wines. The smooth and pliable paste is mild yet complex with caramelized cream note, a hint of grass and mountain herbs.

Salame Piacentino

Paired with our Sparkling Red - A Moment of Weakness
This is the classic salami made in the area around Piacenza in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region. It lightly spiced so the flavor of the pork shines. The flavors are buttery, nutty with a hint of salinity.