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2016 Roussanne

2016 Roussanne

Vivio Vineyard - Bennett Valley

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/ 750ml

90 Points - Wine Enthusiast

If we can be said to have an M.O. it’s “less is more.” Less hang-time, less manipulation, less oak. Nine times out of ten, that has served us.

Our 2016 Roussanne turns all that on its head. Here, more is more. Much more. Compared to our 2015, this wine spent a month longer on the vines, had more time on the skins, and seven months longer in barrel. And despite having the same Brix (potential alcohol) as last year, it gained weight in the cellar.

Together these changes resulted in a wine with deeper color, a broader palette of flavors and textures, and greater length on the finish. The nose offers Meyer lemon, nectarine and apricot – things you expect – along with some you don’t: cashews, chamomile and sage. The mouth follows the nose. The texture starts tart, like a pink grapefruit, then swells to become succulent and luscious. This wine has schooled us. It will thrill you.