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2018 Syrah

2018 Syrah

Vivio Vineyard - Bennett Valley

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/ 750ml

The emotional component of wine is rarely considered. We like to ask where it’s from, how it’s farmed, how much it tastes like it’s supposed to. None of which addresses how a wine makes us feel.

Of all the feelings a wine might unpack – romance, relaxation, conviviality, glamour – the one we most associate with our Syrah is comfort.

Its black cherry color sets the stage. Your nose is greeted with ripe, almost jammy, cherry fruit and a whiff of cloves that resolves to cinnamon. Black olives are, at this point, just innuendo but one sip corroborates their presence. Mid-palate are currants and plums, a balance of fruit and spice in splendid tension. As the wine warms there are traces of bacon and rosemary and yes, a feeling of comfort too great for words. Drink now or hold until 2030 and be a hero.

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