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2019 White Blend

2019 White Blend

Rossi Ranch - Sonoma Valley

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Rhône-style White Blends are produced all over the world with varying degrees of authenticity and success. Here at Sosie, our prerogative is to model what’s done in France. Thus our white blend is a mix of Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Marsanne. Each plays a complimentary role.

When first opened, the wine offers aromas of honeydew melon, Granny Smith apples and lemon curd. As it warms, you’ll discern quince and perhaps tamarind. Here’s where things get interesting. Take every-thing you just smelled and add orange peel, lemon pith, pear and tarragon. There are literally waves of flavors, each one commingling in a different and satisfying way. 

Having said all that, the wine isn’t at all ostentatious. Everything is held in check thanks to the briny acidity of the Grenache Blanc. This is the genius of a true Rhone blend, where all the components are so impeccably interwoven that no one stands out.