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2019 Sparkling White

2019 Sparkling White

First Things First

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/ 750ml
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First things first: just what exactly is this sparkling white wine made from? Glad you asked. It's made from Roussanne and it's made much like our still Roussanne - barrel fermented with native yeast and full malolactic fermentation, then aged in neutral oak for 6 months before its second in-bottle fermentation. The malolactic fermentation is key because that's where the wine gets its creaminess.

On the nose there are aromas of apricot and orange wrapped in an inviting brioche bouquet. These two fruits dominate the palate, along with a honey-almond tang that reminds us of marizpan.

There is a fullness to the wine that you wouldn't expect from a low-dosage sparkler. It's rich and creamy, with a beam of ripe fruit shining through. Keep the bottle well chilled once open and it will hit all of those notes until the music stops.