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2022 Rosé of Syrah

2022 Rosé of Syrah

Vivio Vineyard - Bennett Valley

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Should you find yourself on Instagram you will surely encounter the hashtag #roséallday. For the carefree and besotted, it is a cri de coeur, a party anthem. But to us, it’s about winemaking. A well-made rosé should be a wine you can drink all day. One that’s succulent and savory, pliable and versatile. Such a wine is rare but once you’ve found The One, there’s no going back.

There are stellar examples from Bandol and Tavel, of course, but also from Corsica and Germany’s Nahe. Our contribution to this list comes from Sonoma’s Bennett Valley, a fog-shrouded basin that draws cool breezes from three directions, trapping them for much of the day. The climate has everything to do with the wine’s freshness.

Our rosé radiates a copper-orange color. Its nose is floral and fruity, with aromas of watermelon rind, peaches and vanilla. While the acidity is bracing, the wine manages to be textured and full on the palate. It finishes with lime zest and white pepper.

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