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2019 Charlie Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

2019 Charlie Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

Moon Mountain

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/ 750ml

From the Charlie Smith vineyard up on Moon Mountain, you can just make out the San Francisco skyline in the distance. It's 50 miles as the crow flies, a heckuva lot longer by car. Some of Sonoma's oldest, most prestigious vineyards flank this mountain, yet most people have no idea it exists.

Here, warm, sunny days tempered by cool afternoon breezes create powerful wines with dark fruit, bright acidity and supple tannins. This is mountain fruit: thick-skinned, intensely-colored berries with bold flavors and firm tannins.

On the tongue, dark fruits and herbs do a little two-step, coupling and uncoupling with each sip. When the milk chocolate arrives the do-si-do of flavors turns into a cha-cha, gaining complexity, tempo and drive. The dance finishes with black pepper and vanilla.

This wine is made from California certified organic grapes.