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Sparkling Trio

Sparkling Trio

Avec Amour

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Love is in the air, so let us put some sparkling in your glass. Celebrate the season of love with our Avec Amour Trio, a versatile selection complete with all of our sparkling options.

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2019 Late Disgorgment Sparkling White "First Things First"

There is a fullness to the wine that you wouldn't expect from a low-dosage sparkler. It's rich and creamy, with a beam of ripe fruit shining through. Keep the bottle well chilled once open and it will hit all of those notes until the music stops

2021 Sparkling Rose "Bare Necessity"

The good times start as soon as you pop the cork. Aromas of blood orange, white peach, and Pink Lady apples. Zesty and creamy on the tongue with flavors of strawberry, watermelon and the citrusy-sour tang of kumquat. The finish is crisp with a trace of Marcona almond.

You may be wondering about the name, “Bare Necessity.” We believe sparkling wine is essential to living well every day. Carpe diem. Heck, carpe noctem!

2022 Sparkling Red "A Moment of Weakness"

On the nose, find Damson plums, boysenberry and cardamon. The boysenberry unfurls into ribbons of blackberry and raspberry. The wine is somehow both creamy and zesty. It finishes dry, with orange peel and baking spice. How can something this mysterious and brooding be so lip-smacking and joyful? It’s all about the bubbles.